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PUBG Global Championship 2021 – PUBG Global Championship Schedule, PGC 2021 Indian Team, Rank Decision, PUBG Global Championship Winner Prize Money

The PUBG Corporation has announced the PUBG Global Championship 2021 on its website. The championship is the world’s biggest Esports tournament with the biggest reward as the prize pool money. The all series in this Championship was officially organized by the developers of the Players Unknown Battlegrounds. Here we had mentioned the PUBG Global Championship results

Here we will discuss everything about the tournament PUBG Global Championship 2021, Points Table, Team List, and much more about this tournament. The PGC 2021 winner will also be announced soon on the basis of the points table.

PUBG Global Championship 2021 – PGC Schedule, Indian Team List

The PUBG Global Championship 2021 is the final event of the competitive season of 2021. Alike to the PGC 2021 is a LAN/Online Hybrid Event, or PUBG Global Invitational 2021.

The tournament invites only the best squads who have top guns in their respective event name PUBG Continental Series. From around the world, The PGC 2021 pits 32 top teams in a month-long competitive circuit for a chance at the US $2 million prize pool.

Here’s what you need to know about the PUBG Global Championship 2021, Schedule, Participating Teams, Prize Pool Money, and more.

PUBG Global Championship Teams 2021

The PUBG Global Championship is going to be played between the 32 teams which are mentioned below:-

Region Teams
Europe BBL Esports
FaZe Clan
Virtus. Pro
Natus Vincere
Team Liquid
Team Unique
Asia Gen.G
Global Esports Xsset
Petrichor Road
Multi Circle Gaming
Danawa e-sports
17 Gaming
GHIBLI Esports
MaD Clan
KaiXin Esports
Asia Pacific Buriram United Esports
Bao Nam United
Attack All-Around
GameHome Esports
ArkAngel Predator
Americas Oath Gaming
KPI Gaming
Susquehanna Soniqs
Spacestation Gaming

PUBG Global Championship Schedule 2021

The PUBG Corporation had announced this global Esports tournament called PUBG Global Championship 2021. The Championship is going to start from 19th November 2021 to 19th December 2021. This global esports tournament is going to be held a month long.


The competition will be done on 03 Weekly Series where teams can secure a grand final slot by winning the Weekly Final. For teams who weren’t able to perform a grand final slot in the Weekly Series, they will get one last chance to prove themselves in the Grand Survival on 16th December 2021, and then it will determine the 04 remaining teams for the Grand Finale. The tournament will then conclude with a 03 day Grand Finale from 17th December until 19th December 2021.

PGC Format 2021 – Rank Decision

The PUBG GC 2021 with `145 matches for the team to play till 24 days of the tournament.

Weekly Series


Weekly Survival

From 19th November to 21st November, teams will play according to the Rank Decision matches to specify their positions for the 1st Weekly Series.


Starting with the Weekly Survival, the top 16 teams will play 16 Matches over 03 days with the (WWCD Rule), which means that the first-place team in each match will advance to the Weekly Final.

Rest 15 teams will continue to play the matches alongside the next team from the 16 Squad Pool Bottom.

Weekly Final

The 16 winners will compete in a 10 Match Tournament over the weekend which will follow the Point rule, meaning that teams will accumulate points to get top placement.

The winner of each Weekly Final will be guaranteed a slot at the grand final & will receive a Weekly Winner Prize of US $30,000 (22, 32,789.00 Indian Rupee).

Bottom 16

The remaining 16 teams will fail to reach the Weekly Finals & will compete in the Bottom 16. Consisting of 06 matches, the pre-Weekly Series event will determine the next week’s order for the bottom 16 squad pools.

Grand Survival

Once all 03 Series have been concluded, PUBG Global Championship 2021 will take the 03 Weekly Final winners and the 09 best Weekly Final teams to the grand final & eliminate the 32nd team.

The remaining 19 squads will play via the Grand Survival, a series of 04 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner matches that will decide the last 04 competitors for the grand finale.

Grand Final

The grand final will host the 16 best teams in an all-out weekend to claim the PUBG throne. The final series will take place over 03 days with 05 Point matches/day. The final rankings of the tournament will be decided on the placements from the grand finale.

The remaining teams that did not appear in the grand final will be ranked through their Weekly Finals point scores.

PUBG Global Championship Prize Pool Money

The PUBG Global Championship Total Prize Pool Money is around $2 million, which is going to be awarded to these 32 teams participating according to their position in the tournament.


There is some additional Prize Pool money also for the teams & players, for their exceptional skills in the PUBG Global Championship 2021.

Weekly Series Winner 30,000
Kill Leader
Prize granted to the player with most kills
(Prize will be distributed evenly in the case of a tie)
All-PGC Team
Prize granted to the four best performing players in the Series
Insane Squad
Prize granted to the team that had the most impressive moment in the tournament

Where to Watch PUBG Global Championship 2021?

PUBG Global Championship 2021 fans can catch the official PUBG Esports on the YouTube channel and the PUBG Battlegrounds on the Twitch channel.

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