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Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus 2022

Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus 2022 – Check SAV Class 6th Entrance Exam Pattern, How to Prepare for Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Test, Download Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Class VI Exam Syllabus PDF

Bihar School Examination Board is conducting the Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam (Prelims Exam – 20th October/ Main Exam – 22 December 2022). For well exam preparation, students download the Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Class VI Exam Syllabus PDF. To crack the exam and get good marks, candidates cover all important topics from the Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus 2022. First candidates know about the SAV Class 6th Entrance Exam Pattern.

The Department will organize this entrance test for admission into the 6th, 7th & 9th Classes. Hence all contenders cover all important topics from SAV Class 6th Syllabus 2022 in PDF. The Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus includes topics from Mathematics, Mental Ability, Hindi, English, Science, and Social Science subjects. We also advised them that they collect the latest Study Materials like Best, Books, GK Notes, Coaching Notes, and Old year papers.


Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus 2022 – SAV Class 6th Entrance Exam Pattern

Every year, Bihar School Examination Board conducts SAV Entrance Exam for admission in the 6th Class, 7th, and 9th Class in Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya, Jamui. Board conducts Preliminary and Mains Examinations for Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Admission Process.

There are 120 vacant seats in total out of which 60 are reserved for boys and the remaining 60 are reserved for girls. SAV Pre Entrance Exam will be conducted on 20th October 2022  and Mains Exam on 22nd December 2022. We are providing information about SAV Class 6 Entrance Exam Online Registration.

Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Admit Card

SAV Entrance Exam Syllabus

Department Name Bihar School Examination Board
Name of Exam Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam
Category Syllabus
Admission Class Class 6
SAV Entrance Test Online Form Date 15th July to 4th August 2022
Application Mode Online
SAV Entrance Exam Date Prelims Exam – 20 Oct 2022/ Main Exam – 22 Dec 2022
Admission Process Preliminary Exam, Main Examination
Official website or

सिमुलतला आवासीय विद्यालय प्रवेश पाठ्यक्रम 2022

बिहार स्कूल एग्जामिनेशन बोर्ड सिमुलतला आवासीय विद्यालय प्रवेश परीक्षा (प्रारंभिक परीक्षा – 9 दिसंबर 2021 / मुख्य परीक्षा – 20 जनवरी 2022) आयोजित कर रहा है। अच्छी तरह से परीक्षा की तैयारी के लिए, छात्र सिमुलतला आवासीय विद्यालय कक्षा VI परीक्षा सिलेबस पीडीएफ डाउनलोड करते हैं। परीक्षा को क्रैक करने और अच्छे अंक प्राप्त करने के लिए, उम्मीदवार Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus 2022 से सभी महत्वपूर्ण विषयों को कवर करते हैं। पहले उम्मीदवार एसएवी कक्षा 6 वीं प्रवेश परीक्षा पैटर्न के बारे में जानते हैं।

विभाग इस प्रवेश परीक्षा का आयोजन छठी, सातवीं और नौवीं कक्षा में प्रवेश के लिए करेगा। इसलिए सभी दावेदार एसएवी कक्षा 6वीं के सिलेबस 2022 से सभी महत्वपूर्ण विषयों को पीडीएफ में कवर करते हैं। सिमुलतला आवासीय विद्यालय प्रवेश पाठ्यक्रम में गणित, मानसिक क्षमता, हिंदी, अंग्रेजी, विज्ञान और सामाजिक विज्ञान विषयों के विषय शामिल हैं। हमने उन्हें यह भी सलाह दी कि वे नवीनतम अध्ययन सामग्री जैसे बेस्ट, किताबें, जीके नोट्स, कोचिंग नोट्स, पुराने साल के पेपर एकत्र करें।

Check SAV Prelims Entrance Result 

SAV Class 6th Entrance Exam Pattern 2022

The 6th class admission in Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya shall be made through the Prelims & Mains Exam. SAV Pre Exam will hold for 150 Marks. The Question Paper shall be made from Hindi, Science, Social Science, Mathematics & English subjects. Approximately 1200 aspirants will be called for Mains Exam. SAV Class 6th Mains will be of 300 Marks. Check SAV Entrance Exam Pattern from here-

Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Preliminary Exam Pattern 

Paper Subjects Marks
Paper 1 Hindi 30
Paper 1 Science 25
Paper 2 Social Science 25
Paper 2 Mathematics 40
Paper 2 English 30
Total 150

SAV Class 6th Mains Entrance Exam Pattern

Paper Subjects Marks
Paper 1 Mathematics 100
Paper 1 Mental Ability 50
Paper 2 Hindi 40
Paper 2 English 40
Paper 2 Science 40
Paper 2 Social Science 30
Total 300

मुख्य प्रवेश परीक्षा, 2022 का परीक्षा कार्यक्रम 

परीक्षा की तिथि- 22.12.2022 

प्रथम पाली (पेपर-I)
समय: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM 
गणित विषयनिष्ठ  100 अंक 
बौद्धिक क्षमता  50 अंक 
कुल  150 अंक
द्वितीय पाली (पेपर-II)
समय 02:00 PM to 04:30 PM 
हिंदी  विषयनिष्ठ  40 अंक
अंग्रेजी  40 अंक
विज्ञान 40 अंक
सामाजिक विज्ञान 30 अंक
कुल  150 अंक

Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus

Download Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus 2022

The SAV Class 6th Exam Syllabus is announced by the Board. For the academic session 2022, School Examination Board Exam Pattern has been mentioned here in the above section.


  • Natural Numbers
  • Conversion of Units
  • LCM and HCF
  • Roman Numerals
  • Unitary Method
  • Types of Angles
  • Fractions
  • Circle
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Volume of Cube and Cuboids
  • Profit and Loss
  • Prime and Composite Numbers
  • Simplification
  • Plane Figures
  • Average
  • Decimal Numbers
  • Percentage
  • Speed and Time
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Operation on Numbers
  • Simple Interest
  • Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  • Lines and Angles
  • Arranging of Fractions
  • Temperature

SAV Entrance Test Syllabus for Intelligence

  • Analogies (mathematical & verbal)
  • Pattern (spatial and mathematical)
  • Classification
  • Visual
  • Logical
  • Reasoning

Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya English Syllabus 

  • Comprehension Passage
  • Preposition
  • Article
  • Vocabulary
  • Verbs and Type
  • Confusing Words
  • Question Tags
  • Types of sentence
  • Tense forms
  • Kinds of Nouns
  • Kinds of Pronouns
  • Correct Spelling
  • Ordering of Words in a sentence
  • Sentence Formation
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Adjectives
  • Interjection
  • Idiom and Phrases
  • Collective Nouns
  • Number
  • Gender
  • Adverbs
  • Rhyming Words
  • Singular/Plural

SAV Class 6 Prelims & Mains Syllabus for Hindi

  • .गदययांश
  • विशषण की ऩहचयन
  • सज्ञां य के भेदों की ऩहचयन
  • .महु यिरे
  • श्रुतर्समभभन्नयर्कथ शब्द
  • अशदु धधशोधन (ियक्य)
  • विऱोम शब्द
  • ऩययथयियची शब्द
  • सधध
  • समयस
  • .क्रियय
  • उऩसगथ
  • क्रियय विशषे  ण  की  ऩहचयन
  • िचन बदऱनय
  • अर्थ के आधयर ऩर ियक्य भेद
  • ियच्य ऩररिर्नथ
  • सिनथ यम  की  ऩहचयन
  • कयऱ
  • भऱगां बदऱनय
  • िणथ विचयर
  • ियक्य विचयर
  • ऱोकोक्क्र्ययाँ
  • िर्नथ ी  शदु  धध
  • प्रत्यय

SAV 6th Class Entrance Exam General Knowledge Syllabus

  • Different Types of Scientific Devices Used in Daily Life.
  • Icons and Symbols of India: National Insignia, National Emblem, Sports, Animal, etc. (Elementary awareness of such symbols)
  • Major Religions of India (Elementary awareness about the founder, place of origin, religious books, and important ideas)
  • Art and Culture (Music, Classical and Folk Dance); Renowned Personalities, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Major Dance Forms
  • Defense (Equivalent Ranks in three services, Weapons, Aircraft, Missiles &Warships (Elementary awareness)
  • Sports and Games (India & World) Renowned personalities, major competitions, and trophies associated with various games
  • Super Senses (How do plants and animals sense their surroundings)
  • Relationship between Animals and Human Beings
  • Taste and Digestion (Basic concepts)
  • Cooking and Preserving Techniques
  • Germination and Seed Dispersal
  • Traditional Water Harvesting Techniques
  • Experiment with Water on Everyday Life
  • Water Pollution and Microbial Diseases
  • Concepts on Mountain Terrain and Lifestyle
  • Historical Monuments
  • The shape of Earth and Gravitation (Basic concepts)
  • Non-Renewable Energy Sources (Fossil Fuels)
  • Food, Culture, Habitat, Languages, etc. of various regions (Basic concepts)
  • Names of young ones of different animals
  • Functions of Body Parts of Plants and Animals
  • International Organizations: Basic knowledge about the structure, functioning, and objectives of the United Nations, World Bank, etc.
  • Indian Literary and Cultural Personalities: Names and fields of achievements
  • Indian Literary and Cultural Awards. (Names of the awards and recent recipients)
  • Natural Calamities (Flood and Earthquake)
  • Evaporation, Condensation, and Water Cycle (Basic concepts)
  • Life of Farmers (Farming techniques)
  • Tribal Communities and Forest Produce

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First candidates should well understand the SAV Class 6th Entrance Exam Pattern 2022. So all students download the Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Entrance Syllabus 2022 PDF and cover all important topics.

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