By | 13/04/2022
Hariom Pipe Share Price, IPO Listing Date

Hariom Pipe Share Price, IPO Listing Date- Stocks of Hariom Pipe Industries Make debut on BSE, NSE 

Hariom Pipes shares list at strong Premium make debut on BSE, NSE stock market. On BSE, Shares were listed at Rs 214. On Wednesday, Stocks or Shares of Hariom Pipe were listed on the stock market. This comes after the iron and steel manufacturing firm launched an initial public offering (IPO). The company also sells products under the brand name “Hariom Pipes”. 

Hariom Share price today opened on BSE at Rs 214 apiece levels whereas on NSE it opened at Rs 220 Per share levels, delivering around 44 percent premium to the allottees. However, stock market experts are still bullish on the counter as the stock has witnessed a strong appetite from both retail and anchor investors. 

Hariom Pipe shares List at strong Premium. Should you sell, Hold or Buy? 

Stock market experts said that allottees should book 50 percent profit and remain invested in the stock for 6 months target of ₹320 per share levels maintaining stop loss at ₹197 apiece levels. For those who missed getting Hariom Pipe shares during allotment, they advised them to buy at current levels for one month target of ₹270 maintaining a stop loss at ₹212.

However, for new investors, the company advised them to buy with a 50 percent surplus while maintaining the stop loss at ₹212. If the stock rises, such investors are advised to book profits near the 270 level. However, if it falls and comes closer to ₹212 or ₹220, new investors should deposit the remaining 50 percent while maintaining a stop loss at the ₹197 level.

Ravi Singhal, Vice Chairman, GCL Securities, said on Hariom PIpes Share Price Listing, “As the public issue is open at around 44 percent premium, allottees are advised to book 50 percent profit and withdraw their principal amount invested in the IPO. They can keep the rest for 6. The monthly target of ₹320 to maintain the stop loss at ₹197 per share level.”

On how to maximize your Hariom Pipes IPO listing profits; Santosh Meena, Head of Research, Swastika Investment Ltd., said, 

“Hariom Pipes Ltd. has made its debut at Rs.220 with great gains in the secondary market. And it is Hariom Pipe IPO Price Band. The good listing of the company is attributed to good market sentiments and good prospects for the steel pipe industry. The company has an integrated nature of operations, a cost-effective process and an experienced management team. However, the cyclical nature of the industry and the commodity nature of the products make it suitable only for investors who are aggressive in the long term. People may apply for listing benefit with a stop loss of ₹195 and an increase in book profit.”

Hariom Pipes’s share price range is currently between ₹212 to ₹270. Those looking to buy this stock are advised to utilize 50% of their surplus and buy Hariom Pipes shares at current levels by maintaining a stop loss of ₹212.

If the share price falls around ₹212 or below ₹220, they should deposit the stock with the remaining 50 percent of the amount while maintaining a stop loss at ₹197 per share level for a 6-month target of ₹320 level. However, if the stock moves up and comes closer to ₹270, they are advised to book profits.”

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